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bands in the backroom

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Our first fundraising event of 2020 happened last Saturday night (2/1/2020), and it was a great success!

the event.

One of our favorite events to host is the live music nights that we hold periodically through the year. These are fun nights of music performances by solo artists and bands from all around metro Atlanta, and from all genres of music!

The Bands in the Backroom event on Saturday took place in one of the coolest “listening room” venues in Forsyth County – The Backroom. It’s an intimate but spacious, dimly lit, performance venue that is ideal for giving local musicians a place to show off their talent, as well as a place for folks in the community to gather and enjoy live music. From the very generous-sized parking area, guests enter through the lobby where they are invited to congregate, buy a ticket and a snack for the show, and socialize before moving into the venue. Inside The Backroom, guests are welcome to sit in chairs around the perimeter of the room, chill on the floor, or DANCE (which is strongly encouraged). The Backroom is adjacent to Music Authority, a local music school and store in Cumming, Ga. Music Authority also hosts acoustic nights every month in The Backroom, so there is live music monthly! Musicians can contact the shop if interested in performing at one of their monthly events.

We always have snacks available during our events, and this night was no exception. But this time, we also had a special treat -- the donation of COFFEE from our friends at Because Coffee. Because Coffee is a special coffee shop in Dawsonville, GA., with a chill vibe that focuses on coffee AND philanthropy! They love to help the community! We can’t thank them enough for graciously providing coffee for the event, and donating all coffee sales to Music4CHIEF! Plus, Music Authority opened their sales floor and donated a portion of the sale of all Latin instruments back to Music4CHIEF, as well! The support is humbling and appreciated.

the music.

I love listening to local music, and especially love booking musicians for our fundraising events! Saturday’s event was an eclectic assortment of musical genres. We are so appreciative of these bands and their support of our mission to bring music to teens in need. I encourage you to check them out on their websites, social media and music platforms -- and give them a follow!

Cat Carter Music – Cat is truly a talented soul. She opened the show with a set of acoustic pop music that everyone enjoyed. She is genuine in both her attitude and her music, and has one of the most beautiful voices that I’ve heard in a long time. Cat has a new song releasing on Spotify on February 14th, and you can catch her playing again in The Backroom on February 22!

Aaron Richard Music – Aaron is a well-known local acoustic musician who is always enthusiastic to be a part of Music4CHIEF events. He has a passion for performing music and a passion for what music can do for others. He is incredibly humble and beautifully talented, and he brings a charm to the stage that is endearing and personable. Check him out on Spotify, or catch him coming up as a competitor in Georgia Has Talent!

Okay Kenedi – This trio of ladies is a breath of fresh air! They bring a dance-worthy set of indie-rock / indie-pop originals that had the entire audience in awe. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of watching them perform, and I guarantee it won’t be the last. They call their sound "unconventional fun," and it's a perfect description. You can find their newly released single "Playing Games" on all music platforms, including Spotify. These girls are going places!

Buice – Playing what I would call “hard rock with a twist,” Buice is always a lot of fun to watch. Their originals are emotional, sometimes dark, often hypnotic, and always good. They lure you in with their slightly different sound, and you end up mesmerized by their songs. They are a very talented mix of musicians with a ton of energy behind their music. You can find their tunes on Spotify.

Student Driver – Not for the faint-of-heart, Student Driver delivers a hardcore rap/rock set complete with originals and covers. Where Student Driver goes, the mosh pit of their dedicated fans follows. Not many young musicians can pull off this genre of music, but Student Driver delivers it with rebellious ease. They are high-energy fun that gets the crowd up on their feet and moving! Give them a listen on Spotify.

2nd to Last – A relatively new college band, this trio was the perfect choice to close out this show. They bring a great set of punk originals, with lyrics that are clever and fun. The most noticeable difference in 2nd to Last from other bands is their unique personality, which is full of witty humor, humble and playful comments, and a grounded style that proves they are performing for the pure enjoyment of music. They are a very talented trio who remind us to never take life too seriously. They killed it with the audience!

extra fun.

During our fundraising events, I love when we can add a little something extra to the excitement. On this night, Music4CHIEF raffled off a guitar that was signed by all the musicians who performed! Congratulations to our lucky winner!

the reason.

The success of this event, and all the events we host, is important in so many ways. But the most important result is raising funds so that we may provide music and mentoring to teens. We can only do that with the donations we receive, the proceeds from these events, and the support of our friends and the community. We have tons of fun, enjoy great music, and give musicians an opportunity to display their craft – all for the purpose of #givingback.

And for that, I thank you all.

“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.” ~ Fred Rogers

~ Pam Sherlock

Executive Director

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