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meet our march local artist

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Take a moment away from the news today and meet Okay Kendi!

We are weathering uncertain times in our beautiful world right now. With the fears of illness, the urgency to protect our loved ones, and the need to give our children a sense of normalcy, our communities are struggling to find the answers. For Music4CHIEF, we will continue with our mission and hope that music can offer some peace and comfort during these turbulent times.

Our March Meet-n-Greet introduces

Okay Kenedi, a local trio based in Cumming, Ga., with a strong faith that inspires them to create meaningful music to bring positive messages to others. I've had the pleasure of seeing them perform a few times, and they have become one of my very favorite local groups! I’m pleased to share our virtual interview with you.

Who’s Who?

Members are Kenedi Griffis on guitar and vocals, Micayla Wise on bass guitar, and Sarah Dickerson on drums. And our label is Little Bird Big Sound out of Savannah, Ga. – they help write on all of our songs.

What is your favorite genre of music to play?

Indie-pop / Indie-rock

Have you had any formal music training, or are you self-taught?

We are all self-taught.

Who is your biggest music influence(s)?

Colony House


John Mark McMillan

How did the band members meet?

We met at a youth and young adult ministry called The Warehouse, where we all started playing music together.

Do you have a favorite memorable moment as a band?

While recording “Playing Games” with our studio in Savannah, our label hosted a BBQ and invited a bunch of guys over to eat and record the gang vocals you hear during the chorus behind “sweeter than honey, better than wine.”

Do you have a favorite song? Or any song you have a special connection with?

Insider scoop: there’s a secret song that no one knows about that will be released on our upcoming EP that Sarah deems her favorite song ever!

Outside of music, do any of you have any other talents or hobbies?

Micayla does videography and photography, and she can spin a ball on every finger. Sarah enjoys graphic design and she paints. And Kenedi is a low-key barista on the side, and is really good at improv. We also all play badminton pretty religiously together.

How about your long-term life goals?

As a band, we want to make awesome and fun music that is centered on meaningful messages fueled by our faith in God. If we can write music that offers solutions to real life problems, or is authentic without disdain and that touches someone, we’ve met our goal. We want to write good music that influences our audience to become better.

What’s a question about music that no one’s every asked you, but you wish they would?

The question: What has been your worst music fail?

The answer: Kenedi once played for a funeral and her guitar strap broke during the middle of the song and she caught it between the pinky and the ringer finger of her left hand. To this day, this span between her pinky and ring finger on her left hand is significantly larger than the span on her right hand. Also, it was open casket. Super awkward.

What does music do for you personally and/or what do you think music can do for others, especially teenagers?

Music is a vehicle for the things we really want to say to the world. It’s also a creative space for us to run around and have fun in while discovering ourselves and each other. Music is a universal language; it translates to every person. It’s a powerful companion, a healthy place to vent, and a good way to work out into the real world what’s inside of you – especially for teenagers.

upcoming event.

During these uncertain days, one thing I know about Okay Kenedi is that they are very supportive of the community, other musicians, and those in need. You can enjoy their music and support their philanthropic nature by joining them for their Live From Quarantine event this Friday (3/27) beginning at 7pm! They'll be accepting tips in their virtual tip jar, which will be donated to a local nonprofit, Meals By Grace, who provides meals and food to those in need. The event is co-hosted by two local coffee shops who are providing raffle prizes: Because Coffee and Community Cup.

Thanks to Okay Kenedi for giving us a glimpse into their life as a band! You can connect with them on all these sites, so give them a follow - Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook.

Want to be featured in our Meet-n-Greet? Submit your interview through our online form here: BAND FORM or SOLO ARTIST FORM. If your interview is chosen, you or your band will be notified.

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