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july virtual meet-n-greet


Usually summer means kids on break from school enjoying time together, families taking vacations, spending days at the pool, and barbecues. But this summer is different for all of us. Vacations are being rescheduled, barbecues are almost non-existent, and parties and gatherings are limited in size, or postponed.

But for Macartney Reinhardt, this summer is just more time to spend on music. Based out of Jasper, GA, Macartney is an aspiring singer/songwriter with a bright future, and lots of plans and goals related to her music.

Enjoy meeting Macartney, who is our spotlight artist for July!

What's your favorite genre of music to play?

Country music.

Have you had any formal music training, or are you self-taught?

Formally trained.

Who is your biggest music influence?

Taylor Swift

Do you have a favorite concert memory?

My first concert, which was seeing Paul McCartney when I was eight years old!

Who is your favorite musician or band?

Maren Morris

Do you have a favorite song?

Or any song you have a special connection with?

Taylor Swift's "Soon You'll Get Better."

I feel like I can relate to this song more than any other. I lost my Grandmother to cancer a little over a year ago, and this song conveys all the feelings and emotions that you go through watching someone you love battle cancer.

Outside of music, do you have any other talents or hobbies?


How about your long-term life goals?

To get signed to a major record label, live in Nashville, and to be a positive influencer.

What's a question about music that no one's ever asked you, but you wish they would?

the question: Where has been my favorite place to perform so far?

the answer: My favorite performance has been in the Georgia Has Talent competition in Canton, GA. It was the biggest audience I have ever performed in front of and I met so many other artists there.

What does music do for you personally and/or what do you think music can do for others, especially teenagers?

It's personally very calming for me and some songs are very relatable to life circumstances. My songwriting is a great outlet to express whatever I'm going through at that moment in time.

Macartney always has new shows on the the calendar, including an upcoming appearance with 500 Songs For Kids, which is an organization that promotes giving back to kids through music! Macartney will be performing a live-stream show from Vinyl at Center Stage on Saturday, July 11, at 7:30pm, so be sure to tune in, and maybe support the mission with a donation!

If you can't make the virtual show from Vinyl, your next opportunity to watch Macartney perform will be on Thursday, July 23, at 7:30pm. This time she is performing in The Backroom at Music Authority, which is a very cool, intimate "listening room" venue in Forsyth County, GA (one of our favorite venues in the area). This show will also be live-streamed on the Music Authority Facebook page, so mark your calendar! Thanks to Macartney for giving us a glimpse into her musical life! Make sure you visit her on social media to keep us with her upcoming shows - Facebook, and Instagram!


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