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the may virtual meet-n-greet

As we are trying to navigate the month of May, and all the new variations of our day-to-day lives, Music4CHIEF continues to find inspiration and comfort through music. We hope that you find daily inspiration through your favorite music, as well! And while your listening, allow us to introduce you to our May spotlight artist -- Cat Carter!

Based in Cumming, Ga., Cat Carter is such a cool musician. We were first introduced to Cat when looking for musicians to play for a fundraiser, and a friend of Music4CHIEF suggested we contact Cat, and we are so grateful for the recommendation! Cat is always supportive of our mission, and has played several times at our fundraisers. She even came to play an event for us with last-minute notice, after a band had to back out and we were left with a hole in our lineup! She saved the day, and for that, we are very appreciative!

Take a few minutes to learn a little about Cat, and then find her music online and give it a listen.

What's your favorite genre of music to play?

Mostly pop music.

Have you had any formal music training, or are you self-taught?

Self taught, then a bit of training from Jan Smith Studios

Who is your biggest music influence?

John Mayer

Do you have a favorite concert memory?

Seeing BROCKHAMPTON live and them playing my favorite song ZIPPER!

Who is your favorite musician or band?


Do you have a favorite song?

Or any song you have a special connection with?

Daughters by John Mayer. I remember listening to this on the radio when I was really little, and singing along. I also remember when the live album got popular and me listening to every song on it and just falling more in love with Mayer’s writing style and his voice. He is the inspiration for me becoming the songwriter I am today.

Outside of music, do you have any other talents or hobbies?

Graphic Design! I do graphics not only for myself, but also for my friends and really anyone who wants graphics for something. It’s a hobby for me and I love doing it!

How about your long-term life goals?

To be the best songwriter and musician I can be.

What's a question about music that no one's ever asked you, but you wish they would?

the question: I wish I was asked how I've achieved my personal artistic style, and what life experiences I've had and what effect they've had on my artistry.

the answer: My experiences that have affected my artistry are anytime I have ever been told "no," or have been turned down as a musician. Every time someone has said this to me, I've used it to better myself as an artist, and as motivation to work harder. Years of this have given me a lot of patience in my work, as well as new goals that I can work towards to make myself better and stronger.

What does music do for you personally and/or what do you think music can do for others, especially teenagers?

I think music is a healing, as well as a coping process for the people listening to it, singing to it, playing to it, etc. For me, writing music is a healing and understanding process about situations I may be going through at any point in time.

Thank you to Cat for allowing us to "virtually" interview her! She plays often at local venues, and hopefully she'll have some live shows we can attend when it's once again safe to do so! Meanwhile, you can find Cat's music on all the social media outlets -- Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!


Want to be featured in our Meet-n-Greet?

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If your interview is chosen, you or your band will be notified.

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